Riga Township Wind Complex Unlikely

RIGA TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN (WTVG) — It’s been a major battle for months and now proposed wind farms in Riga Township, Michigan may hit a stand-still.

So many people turned out to the last meeting, they moved it to the American Legion so everyone had a chance to vent. Wind-power generators are fueling a firestorm in Riga Township. Two proposed projects would bring up to an estimated 120 wind turbines to the area south of Blissfield.

Wednesday night, the township voted to amend its zoning ordinance. It will now take into account interference with television broadcasts and noise levels, extended now to property lines. Those here are concerned about property values, jobs, health and sustainable energy. The divisive issues have put many at odds.

The vote changed the ordinance, toughening up the laws in Riga Township. Doug Duimering, regional manager for business development of Exelon Wind, says, “We’re very disappointed in the outcome of the meeting tonight. And we’ll have to go back and consider what our next step will be on this project.”

Josh Van Camp says, “I think the board tonight listened to the will of the people. The people here in the township by what you could consider overwhelming margin do not support the project.”

The ordinance takes effect in 7 days, unless someone files an application seeking referendum. Then, it will go up for a vote in the August primary.

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