Developer Claims: Job Creation

Job Creation: Industrial wind developers have attempted to convince area residents that construction of an industrial wind complex in Lenawee County, MI will create jobs. However, a Spanish economist, Gabriel Calzada Alvarez, concluded last year that for every job created in green energy, 2.2 jobs are lost elsewhere. Moreover, in light of the exorbitant subsidies for wind turbines created by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (aka -Stimulus Bill), the price per job created is very high. 

Here is a link to the report by Gabriel Calzada Alvarez

Although industrial wind developers claim hundreds of construction jobs are created by these developments, those jobs rarely go to local citizens.  Instead, history has demonstrated in Dekalb County, IL and other locations that the construction workers hired to erect the turbines often come from hundreds of miles away. 

Michigan has also experienced at least one documented incident involving the use of illegal aliens to perform labor on an industrial wind complex. In fact, Stanley Pruss, former Director of the Michigan Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth, recently confirmed an “unfortunate, limited incident” wherein illegal aliens performed some of “the very first work undertaken in Michigan” on an industrial wind complex.