Links and Resources  Do Wind Projects Adversely Affect Proximate Residential Property Values? An educational resource about industrial wind. National wind news, industrial wind risks and impacts on economy and quality of life.
http:// How birds bats and the environment are affected by industrial wind turbines. Links to reports and photos of bird mortality. Excellent and informative Wisconsin residents website: “We represent and advocate for a wide variety of wind farm residents and members of rural communities targeted by wind developers. These include crop farmers, dairy farmers, teachers, truck-drivers, nurses, fire-fighters, engineers, home makers, small business owners, and postal workers and many retirees.” Illinois farmers website presenting facts and concerns to landowners about wind developers lease contracts. North Carolina residents working to protect Blue Ridge mountain ridge tops from industrial wind development. Detailed pictures of environmental impacts of industrial wind turbines. New York State voluntary association website of residents and property owners taking action to counter “wind “farm” madness” in New York. ” While initially in favor of windpower, after much research we now believe that such a project is likely to have a profound adverse impact on the environment and economic health of our town and have a detrimental effect on the residents’ right to enjoy their homes and properties.” What wind developers don’t tell you about industrial wind power.
Suggested Reading
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Glenn R Schleede. “Big money” discovers the huge tax breaks and subsidies for wind energy while taxpayers and electric customers pick up the tab, independently published paper, April 14, 2005:

“The Good and the Bad Regarding Wind Energy”,press release from Frank Miller, Republican Representative for the 12th District, Kansas, January 20, 2005:

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