Health Concerns

The health concerns associated with wind turbines are primarily a result of the noise they create, both audible and sub-audible.

Low frequency noise (aka – infra sound) is the thought to be the cause of most health issues associated with industrial wind turbines. Work by Dr. Nina Pierpont has identified a group of symptoms associated with living in close proximity to wind turbines that she calls “Wind Turbine Syndrome.”  These symptoms include sleep deprivation, nausea, feelings of agitation, hypertension, etc.  Dr. Alec Salt of the Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory, Washington University in St. Louis, stated in a paper entitled, “Responses of the Ear to Infrasound and Wind Turbines,” that it is the ILF’s ability to stimulate the Outer Hair Cells of the cochlea that creates the medical symptoms associated with Wind Turbine Syndrome.

Here is a chart created by Dr. Alec Salt explaining how low frequency noise (aka – infrasound) created by industrial wind turbines affects a person’s inner ear.

Dr. Alec Salt – Low Frequency Noise Report

If you would like to know more about low frequency noise and its effect upon the human body, click on the link below to see Dr. Salt’s website.

Here is a thorough report on Appropriate Siting Guidelines The How To Guide to Siting Wind Turbines to Prevent Health Risks

Properly Interpreting the Epidemiologic Evidence about the Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines on Nearby Residents

A Summary of new evidence: Adverse health effects and industrial wind turbines. August 2011