Rural environments such as ours often have low ambient noise levels, often ranging between 25 – 30 dBA at night.  Using standard EPA methodology, statistical analysis has shown that a noise limit of 35dBA is necessary to prevent wide spread complaints and potential litigation. This is similar to the noise limits established in several European nations where industrial wind turbines have operated for decades.

Developers in our region have sought 50dBA noise limits, which have proven inadequate in other areas of Michigan.  In fact, citizens in Huron Township, Michigan have initiated litigation on this issue and their local government has reduced the limit to 45dBA.

Here is Industrial Noise Consultant, Rob Rand, speaking during his presentation at the IICC seminar:

Audiologist Rob Rand prepared a report on Noise produced by wind turbines which was submitted to the Riga Township Planning Commission.  Click here to view the report: Rob Rand – Report on Turbine Noise Levels

Health Effects of Wind Turbine Noise – The Alexander family experiences problems caused by the low-frequency noise produced by turbines near their home in Macinaw City, Michigan.

An investigation into noise, siting to prevent complaints by Rand Acoustics: Wind Turbine Sound Presentation

View the IICC Sound Amendment in PDF Format: IICC Sound Amendment