Lease Map

The map below is designed to work with Google Earth.  If you do not have this program click here to download a free plug-in before continuing

This map identifies the owner of the various parcels as you “click” on the parcel, including a reference to the Liber and page number of the documents filed with the Lenawee County Register of Deeds. Google Earth allows you to zoom in on a particular property.

Also, you will see two PDF files below the map. One is a spreadsheet that identifies every leaseholder in Lenawee County that has filed a Lease Memorandum with the Lenawee County Register of Deeds. The other PDF contains a copy of every wind turbine related Lease Memorandum that was filed with the Lenawee County Register of Deeds. The map was derived from the data contained on those Lease Memoranda.

Click on a colored area of the map to view the name of the parcel owner who has signed a lease.

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lease map key
This map is based upon the best information available in the public record as of April 30, 2011. However, this map is for illustrative purposes only. It should not be relied upon to determine the precise location of legal boundaries. Also, please note that Palmyra Township is not included because information for this county has not yet been released.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES – For additional features, such as the ability to measure the distance from your address to the nearest potential wind turbine site, download the full version of Google Earth and then click here to download our map.

Wind Lease Index, this file will help you navigate through the Lenawee County Wind Lease Scans
Lenawee County Wind Lease Scans – View the actual documents here (LARGE FILE – Please allow time to download)