Letter to Lake Township

May 21, 2012

Valerie McCallum
Lake Township Board
4988 W. Kinde Road
Caseville, MI  48725-0429

Re:      Proposed Conditional Transfer Under P.A. 425

Honorable Township Board Members:

The Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, Inc. (“IICC”) is a Michigan non-profit corporation that was organized to identify, study and educate citizens of the region regarding issues of civic importance.  The construction of industrial wind turbines and their impacts upon residents is the primary focus of the IICC.  We are pleased to enjoy the support of members throughout Michigan, including residents of Lake Township.

The IICC has monitored activities related to industrial wind turbines in Lake Township, Michigan for some time.  And we would like to congratulate the residents of Lake Township for speaking with one, clear voice in rejecting the unsafe setbacks and sound limits contained within the recently rejected industrial wind turbine zoning ordinance.  However, we are troubled by the proposed attempt to use P.A. 425 to subvert the clear will of the Lake Township voters.

As is evident from the map attached to the proposal you received from Fahey, Schultz, Burzych, Rhodes, PLC, a handful of Lake Township residents (in conjunction with a group of non-resident landowners) are seeking this conditional transfer to circumvent the results of the February election.  Such a clear perversion of the intent of P.A. 425 should not be permitted.

The Lake Township Board, in conjunction with the State of Michigan, set forth a very clear process for the approval of amendments to zoning laws.  Lake Township residents relied upon that process in taking action to protect themselves from the dangers of improperly sited industrial wind turbines.  “Sour grapes” speculation by those who stood to benefit financially from the election about the reasons why Lake Township voters overwhelmingly rejected the industrial wind turbine zoning ordinance is not a sufficient basis upon which to subvert the clear will of 62% of your constituents.  Moreover, that “sour grapes” speculation is certainly an insufficient basis to trample your constituents’ right to due process of law by ignoring the election results and allowing this proposed conditional transfer to proceed.

The IICC is intrigued by this latest attempt by the industrial wind industry to circumvent the electoral process to increase profits.  The IICC will continue to closely monitor the proposed P.A. 425 conditional transfer as we determine the best course of action to protect the rights and interests of our Lake Township members.  We trust that the Lake Township Board will give due reverence to the mandate issued by the Lake Township voters on February 28, 2012 when making its decision on this proposal.

Respectfully submitted,

Joshua J. Nolan, Esq.
Kevon Martis
Joshua Van Camp
Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition, Inc.