Wind Power Not Economical

The Daily Telegram ADRIAN, Mich. —
Wind power not economical

To the editor,

In response to Tony Urban’s recent letter, I would ask readers to consider the following: 1, According to the AWEA (American Wind Energy Association), new wind projects were down last year to their lowest level since 2006; 2, T. Boones Pickens has abandoned the wind power business after sinking more than $80 million to promote it; 3, Despite more than $30 billion in “clean energy” in the 2009 stimulus bill, Big Wind can’t make it in the marketplace; 4, Denise Bode, CEO of the AWEA, warned that without the December extension of the federal 1063 investment credit, the outlook for the wind industry would be “flatline or down.”

The reasons are simple. Wind power is expensive and unreliable as an energy source. Our energy future is best served by clean coal and nuclear. But our politicians in Michigan mandated that 10 percent of our electricity must eventually be supplied by “renewable sources,” which excludes the most renewable of all, nuclear power.

Who will pay for this egregious mistake? If you said homeowners and businesses who must pay the higher prices for electricity, you’re on the right track. If you also said all taxpayers, individuals and businesses, you’ve got it right.

I think we should have the courage to reject this energy boondoggle, for the right reasons.

Dave Maxwell