Continued Problems With Consumers Energy Lake Winds Project

The message below was sent by Cary Shineldecker of Ludington, MI (Mason County) to the Lake Winds project and copied to the IICC so that residents across the state can see how Consumers Energy treats its neighbors:

Please find the attached Shadow Flicker Complaint from this morning 8-22-2013.

Please also note that I filed a complaint one year ago today about the same turbine impacting our home with flicker. Our 10 hour maximum was reached on 3/7/2013. Since that time the turbines continue to repeatedly impact our home. It seems that 1 full year should have been enough to address this issue. Currently our home has been impacted by 47 incidents of flicker
lasting for long periods of time, that I have been home to document.  I am not sure how many additional instances this has happened.  I know that others including Mason County Commissioner, Janet Anderson have been to my home and filmed flicker when I wasn’t home.

This continued violation of the county zoning ordinance along with this intrusion into our home and lives is unacceptable.

Cary Shineldecker
3514 W. Kistler Road
Ludington, Michigan  49431

Flicker complaint filed on 8-22-13 through Consumers Energy:

8-22-2013 Flicker