Riverton, Where Art Thou


There is a young couple who decided that Riverton Township, Mason County would be the ideal place to begin their life together.  They bought a beautiful house set in the country back of the road, with a small stream, a horse pasture, room for a garden and a front porch to view natures wonders with a grand view of the rural countryside.  They were recently married, and with their horses and their dogs proceeded to fit in and to actively become part of the community.

As they met there neighbors, they learned of the soon to be wind development out their back door.  Not the realtor, nor the sellers, nor the local farmers had mentioned a word.  It was a secret concealed with gag orders and cloaked in darkness and deceit.

There mortgage is signed for 30 years and they have committed everything the possess including their hearts and souls into their new beginning.

Recently there was a 476’ wind turbine placed 952+ feet from their property and other turbines built surrounding them.

Sadly their faith in man is greatly diminished, Luckily their faith in god prevails.

This is a poem written by my dear friend, neighbor, and Riverton Township resident.

Please share it to let her story be known.

Thank you,

Cary Shineldecker

Riverton Township, Michigan

Oh Riverton Where Art Thou…

The sunshine, the rolling hills, the nature and serenity….
We were blown away.
The clear night sky, beauty for every eye….
We were blown away.
Our paradise, our home for life….
We were blown away.
A sneaky deal, their lips were sealed….
We were blown away.
A greased palm here, a deal there….
We were blown away.
A sprout up here, a hub up there….
We were blown away.
The strobing lights, the sleepless nights….
We were blown away.
The weird noise here, the loud noise there….
We were blown away.
Another headache and nausea too….
We were blown away.
Our life’s great dream torn from the scene….
We are blown away.